Career Option – Wedding Photographer

Career Option – Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers take pictures of couple, event, guests and moments. Numerous career options exist for wedding photographers. To capture wedding moments in still frames, these photographers use cameras with other equipment. Their majority time is usually spent editing those images in computer applications like Adobe Photoshop. These photographers need to travel for work from state to state. They have to go on location to cover wedding events.

Salary for Wedding Photographer
For a professional wedding photographer, there is no fixed monthly income. In the beginning, while helping any established photographer, one can earn anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000 per wedding. In a single month, with a higher number of marriages attended, the pay bounces up. For a single ceremony, one can make up to Rs. 5,000 as a freelance wedding photographer. When contacted for celebrity weddings demand Rs. 20,000, or even more are generally demanded by the most high profile and established wedding photographers. A wedding photographer earns an average income of Rs 3, 00, 000 per year. After 10 years, most wedding photographers move on to other positions.

Market segments to target
There is a huge opportunity all over the world for the wedding photographers, considering the number of wedding take place every day in every state. Without a professional photographer, an Indian wedding looks out of place. These photographers can work with event management companies, documentary filmmakers, fashion designers, freelance wedding writers and even entertainment-based organizations nowadays. Even Television channels readily hire profile wedding photographers for their numerous programs. By opening their own studios with some make-up artists, the photographer can choose self-employment.

Eligibility and Required Skills
In order to build a career in wedding photography, one has to complete a photography course and learn the minute details, techniques, and skills of photography. To excel in this field, he/she has to possess creativity and talent. Till now, regular courses are not offered in wedding photography. Hence, interested candidates can complete any level of photography program and learn and perfect the very nuances of photography skills. With good aesthetic sense, a 10+2 pass out is eligible for any part-time/full-time course in photography. The minimum qualification to become a wedding photographer is a high school diploma since technical and creativity skills are more essential for employment than a degree. But, a formal degree program in wedding photography is also available. By attending seminars and workshops conducted by various photography organizations, one can become a member. To see how business operates for a wedding, one can help any specialist photo studios or established wedding photographer. It will enable budding wedding photographers, alongside other work skills, to develop their photographic skills.

Career Scope- Growth Opportunities
Skilled and experienced wedding photographers can work for newspapers, websites, magazines, and television stations as they use current events with images to spread information to the public. They can even take wedding pictures for books, magazines and advertisements and marketing companies. These experts can photograph models to highlight a fashion designer’s clothes. Television channels and renowned film directors also hire wedding photographers.

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