Career Options after BSC – Bachelors of Science (IT)

Career Options after B.Sc. (IT) (IT) is one of the most meaningful course of study for many ingenious young students, and If you want to see what you can do with your life after you have done B.Sc. in IT? Well, “a lot of things”, is the shortest answer! Studying Bachelors of Science in the field of Information Technology has a lot of options career-wise & study-wise as well.

  1. Study-wise
    Talking about studies, you can do either Masters in Science in IT, MCA or MBA (preferably in IT). These options can fetch you a very lucarative job. There are many splendid institutes in India & abroad, from which you can choose as per according to your proximity, interests & finances.

    • MCA: You can do MCA, If you want to get a good job in programming & other technical areas. An MCA degree is more preferable than a M.Sc. for a job.
    • M.Sc.: M.Sc. can fetch you a good teaching job. You can also opt for research if you are interested in it.
    • MBA: You can also opt for MBA after B.Sc. in IT. An MBA would give you a good exposure to management related things.
    • Diploma: You can also do a one year diploma in whatever subject you are interested in (like animation or designing courses) to fetch a good job at a better company with more pay package!
  2. Job-wise
    You can also opt for a job after completing your B.Sc. in IT. There are a plethora of job options available in Corporate IT companies as well as public sector. Some of the profiles include offered are:-

    • Web Designer: A web designer would be involved in designing a website. It is more than just coding. Web designers actually work on the design of the website i.e. how the website should look and what are the elements like Various functional & static tabs, Color combinations etc which should be present on the website.
    • Graphic Designer: Designing logos & other graphics is the job of a graphic designer. You would work on software’s like Adobe Photoshop. So if you are interested in designing, you can opt for it.
    • Database Admin: A database admin would be involved in activities like handling a database, taking backup of database, handling issues of database, etc.
    • BPO: You can also land up in a BPO where in you would provide technical support to customers. Here you will learn a lot about the product you are working with and get an exposure on how to deal with customers.
    • Hardware and Network Expert: In this role, you need to deal with the hardware and network elements. So, in case the internet is not working, you will be the guy who will support this fault. You will also be involved in setting up the network infrastructure. Hence, you will get a lot of exposure on how the internet works and other network management elements.

IT is very immence & splendid platform fecilitating myriad of options to kick-start your career!

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