Career options after BA & LLB – Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law

Career options after BA & LLB

Gone are the days when an Laws & Arts student had only limited options, In the recent times, there are myriad of opportunities available in diverse fields for such students to show their caliber while earning handsomely. This integrated course offers both the undergraduate & postgraduate degree at the end of the term. So, here are some of the lucrative career opportunities a B.A.B.L qualified student can look for:

Advisor with the law firm: With the increase in the number of people moving to private lawyers, the scope of opening a law firm has become substantial. There are legal support providers who need a complete bevy of lawyers catering to the legal issues of various clients. Thus, advisory firms offer high paying jobs to L.L.B pass outs who have qualified the Bar Council exam & are registered lawyers.

Earnings: A legal advisor can earn about Rs 4.8 lakhs per annum depending upon the experience & expertise including perks & allowances.

Assistants: B.A.B.L students can go for the job of office assistants & other administrative jobs given the fact that their caliber should match with the job requirements. Depending upon the subjects studied during the course, the students can apply for the jobs in both the private & the public sectors. A number of competitive exams for the posts in various departments are organized giving the students a chance to try for permanent jobs that provide them stability.

Earnings: An office assistant can make on an average 1.4 lakhs per year while an administrative office assistant’s average pay scale range is approx Rs. 2.1 lakhs per year.

Research assistants: B.A.B.L. degree holders can work as research assistants and can go for market research jobs where their main responsibility is the collection of data & its interpretation. The scholars need assistants who can help them in field work and provide support in writing observations & interpretations.

Earnings: A research assistant takes home salary ranges from 1.8 lakh per annum to 2.4 lakh approx per month.

Corporate consultants: This integrated course provides the required qualification to get enrolled as a consultant for corporate affairs. There is an in-house legal department in big corporates which is mainly responsible for documentation & other legal bindings that the company requires to handle as part of daily work routine. Thus, B.A.B.L students can apply for such jobs after the completion of the course.

Earnings: A corporate lawyer’s average annual remuneration ranges from 4.80 lakh to 7 lakhs and above as per the experience and expertise.

NGO worker: B.A.B.L student with the humanitarian bend of mind can work for NGOs, who stand for the oppressed who do not have sufficient means to fight legal battles. Thus, they can take the job of NGO worker & become the voice of oppressed in lieu of good salary.

Earnings: NGO worker gets Rs 10,000 – Rs 15000 as monthly salary. Start pay is as low as Rs 5000 Per month.

Public Prosecutors: Students pursuing B.A.B.L. course can become public prosecutors after clearing the Bar exam and can earn handsome remunration. They may be appointed by various courts depending upon the qualification and experience.

Earnings: A public prosecutor’ salary falls under the pay scale of 1.08 lakh per annum to 4.80 lakh Rs per annum.

In addition to above, the teaching line is always open for B.A.B.L students and they can, thus, teach undergraduate Law students and earn a regular income. Hence it can be inferred that there are plethora of exciting possibilities for a BABL passout.

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