Career options after BBC – Bachelor in Business Communications

Career options after BBC

Bachelor in Business communications is a 3-year full-time degree course which can be studied at any of the reputed institutes in the country or abroad. A degree in Business Communication enables you of exciting opportunities in the various fields of marketing which further have a wide scope for public communications & technical media managing. As a fresh college pass-out, you can delve into the following opportunities that’ll promise you your degree’s worth.

Start as a Technical Writer
A Technical Writer can be fresher or experienced personnel in the industry who basically performs tasks related to the media & language creation, used in marketing campaigns. The pays are pretty satisfactory and the writer can make up to 30-35k/month. The person needs to be aware of the appropriate use of media elements that would boost the company’s appeal to the masses. Designing advertisements, mentoring public releases, writing for blogs & websites are some of the duties of a technical writer. All other positions discussed work with a group of technical writers to bring out the best results.

Work as a Marketing Manager in MNCs or other organizations
The role of a marketing manager demands a good experience of around 5 years in the industry & works to ensure a strong public outreach of the company he is hired for. Marketing is a great tool when you seek success in today’s highly interconnected world & every big company from every industry needs a Marketing Manager; implying a good employment rate and job guarantee. The job includes strategizing marketing techniques, drafting product prices, supervising advertisement campaigns, reaching out to new markets, etc. This job offers an elegant salary of around 50k per month with some additional perks also at hand.

As Promotions Manager for sales departments
Promotions manager is a sub-post of the Marketing Manager. It involves all kinds of promotional activities that are necessary for the organization. A good experience of 2-3 years can work better, but can make you grab from 25k-30k/ month at the start which increases gradually with more experience. These can take the form of print media, social media & customer feedback management opted according to the specific need of the industry. Promotional events, press releases and special audience targets are taken care of by the Promotions Manager.

Job of Public Relations Manager
A Public Relations Manager is another sub-type of marketing management. It is a very attractive job & involves managing public relations in the form of customer support, the public outlook of the hiring company & social activities that can possibly influence the image of the company. In a professional set-up, the indirect relationship of the consumer with the company is a key factor in making or breaking the company’s hold in the market due to which a Public Relations Manager is hired. Such professionals can easily make around 40-50k of salary per month. However, companies prefer candidates with Masters Degree more for the job profile who have a good industry experience.

The job growth for B.Bc graduates is expected to continue in the upcoming years which make it a good time to enroll for such a course. Summarizing the potential of the sector is promising and hence the scope for the fresh graduates. A right choice may lead to one at the heights of success. The above career options may be the right one for you!

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