Career options after BHM – Bachelor of Hotel Management

Career options after BHM

Hospitality industry is one of the most prolific & promising niche, which has shown a continual uphill growth due to population of ingenious people associated with it, thus making the show successful day in & day out. Such a huge carnival of services cannot be maintained to perfection if the working staff is not adequately trained. That is why; courses like Bachelor of Hotel Management are launched for the aspirants who love serving people and making their life away from home as comfortable & memorable as possible. Some of the lucrative & stable career opportunities after BHM course are mentioned here.

General Manager
It is a post of great responsibility that requires the applicant to have a vast experience & exceptional managerial skills. He is supposed to manage all the departments of the hotel and almost all the middle management personnel are required to report to him. Work experience should be more than 5 years for this post.

Earnings: A General Manager in a hotel earns about Rs 12 lakhs per annum as per the latest salary statistics. However, the remunerations may vary as per the standard of the hotel where the person is employed like a 5 star & 7-star hotels will pay much higher salary than the hotels of a lower rating.

Resident Manager
A considerable size of the crew has to work on-site, that is, at hotel premises. Apart from managing the issues of personnel, the resident manager is supposed to have the first-hand report of the conditions of furniture, services, cleanliness & other aspects of managing a hotel. He stays at the premises and assists the General Manager.

Earnings: A resident manager in the hotel takes home about 8-10 lakhs per year and earns extra perks too.

Housekeeping executives

It takes a lot to make a hotel guest feel at home. Thus, a whole entourage of housekeeping executives is employed so that each of the guests is attended to personally. These executives serve food, take on-call requests for food, water etc. and also ensures that the room is absolutely spic and span when the guests are away. Every room or group of rooms is allotted to the housekeeper and he reports to the resident manager.

Earnings: Housekeeping executives earn 10-15k per month in an average hotel, while the deluxe and super-deluxe hotels may pay them in the scale of 20-30k per month.

Front office Manager

The front office manager is one who manages the lobby & reception area of a hotel. This area of the hotel is where the guests wait, enquire and sometimes relax too. Thus, all front office executives such as guest relation executives, receptionists, etc. report to the front office managers & make action plans under his guidance.

Earnings: Front Office Managers on an average draws salaries in the range of Rs. 6-8 lakhs per year.

After BHM, the student along with having myriad lucrative earning options to choose from can also opt for higher studies for earning higher degrees, in the hope of getting better pay packages in a short time. However, in hospitality sector, the earlier in life you start working, better are the chances of getting promotions, as it is the working experience & proficiency that counts.

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