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Yoga instructors are the professionals who provide fitness training to a group of people or in one-on-one settings. They guide about the proper breathing techniques and controlled postures to improve the flexibility and strength.
Over the years the importance and liking of yoga have increased tremendously. Thus, if the person is good in any field of yoga, there is an option of doing even better.

Earnings Potential for Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructor without any experience can earn Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 on a monthly basis. With more than 1 year experience, the Yoga instructor may earn Rs. 20, 000-25, 000 a month. The salary climbs higher at a faster pace depending on the expertise and experience.

The government is recruiting Yoga Instructor and specialist, under the pay scale of Rs. 15, 600-39, 100, who are possessing MA or Ph.D. There is a great demand for the Yoga professionals in the private sector too, as in such organisations the stress level is quite high.
A deserving candidate may earn up to Rs. 1 Lakh per month. If the person starts their own center or Health resorts, Yoga as a career will provide big earning opportunity and in-depth job potential.

Market segments to target

There is a huge opportunity for the Yoga Instructors abroad. More or less all over the world, there is high demand for Yoga experts considering the significance and relevance of Yoga therapy in the health domain.

Yoga experts can work as instructors in tourist resorts, gym, schools, health centers, resorts, housing societies and large organisations. The person can choose a career in the research and training field or can serve as a yoga therapist, by imparting coaching in yoga, to treat minor ailments and disorders.

Even Television channels readily hire proficient and deserving yoga trainers for their numerous programs. Numerous well-known personalities including film stars and politicians hire their personal yoga instructors. By opening yoga classes/center, the person can choose self-employment.

Eligibility and Required Skills

A yoga instructor is trained in particular yoga techniques and philosophies to teach yoga to groups. Comprehensive and specialized training is required to become a yoga instructor in any style. The person should complete a complete training program specializing in a particular discipline in order to become a yoga instructor in that field.
The minimum requirement to join B.A/B.S.C in Yoga therapy is that of 10+2 with 50% CGPA. The minimum requirement to pursue M.A/M.S.C in Yoga Therapy is that of B.A/ B.S.C in yoga therapy. Though Bachelor’s degree in fitness is available, it can’t replace the need for a certificate program or vocational training in yoga instruction.

Career Scope- Growth Opportunities

When compared with other professions, yoga teaching is less lucrative. However, it is the mental satisfaction and physical fitness attached with this profession that draws the attention of people.
Depending on the Yoga training the person has received, they can choose the research or training field or can work as a Yoga therapist. They can search for work in gyms, schools, health center, resorts, housing societies and large organisations.
Television channels and renowned personalities also hire Yoga trainers and instructors. Many professionals opt for self-employment. Adding to the demand for Yoga specialists, the ever-increasing number of foreign tourists chooses Yoga as a great stress buster as they seek peaceful holidays.
In this noble profession, there is no dearth of scope for the people, if the person is hard-working and consistent.

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