Career options after BSC in Fashion Designing

Career options after BSC in Fashion Designing

Personality is the foremost attribute that define people. Everyone wants to look pretty & beautiful along with having good personality & in order to achieve that, a person need to do lots of things like updating himself with the new trends & latest fashion. There is a immense scope & plethora of career opportunities available for the bachelors of Science ( B.Sc) in fashion designing. There are many fields in the fashion designing and one can choose the field according to their interest. Few of the major career opportunities in fashion designing are listed below:-

Textile Industry
The most important thing that define the person in the first look is the apparel he or she wears. Textile industry is growing continuously and is one of the largest industry in the whole world. Textile industry is all about new ideas and design. And to get these new ideas, they are always ready to give chance to the young talent.

One of the biggest advantage Textile industry is that, there is always room for new people, so that they could show their skills and talent. Bachelor degree in fashion designing develop a skill in a person to forecast future designs and trends which is the requirement of the Textile industry. The salary package for this industry is highly lucrative ranging from 1.5 lakh per annum to 20 lakh & more depending upon the expertise & experience.

Home Furnishing
It is a dream of a person that he should have beautiful home. The degree of fashion designing allow you to furnish homes and make them more beautiful. As this is the desire of every man & woman that their home look beautiful, they hire home furnisher to furnish their home. This shows that there is great number of career opportunities in the home furnishing as well.

Home furnishing companies are always in the look out of people who have new & unique ideas regarding home furnishing. You can create your own home furnishing company as well. There are lots of opportunities in the home furnishing. It depends on you that what you are going to choose because the opportunities in the home furnishing are ultimate. The salary packages for this particular niche are highly lucrative.

Apart from working for the industry and companies, the graduates of fashion designing could create their own fashion brand. They could sell their own designed apparel & other accessories. In this way, graduates become an entrepreneur and have their own name in the market.

Fashion Consultancy
Graduates of fashion designing could become part of the fashion consultancy company or could start their own company. People are not very much familiar with new trends & fashion or they have no idea what they should wear and what shouldn’t. Here comes the need of the fashion consultant who provide the required consultancy. The opportunities in the fashion designing are endless, it depends on the graduate, that what road he is going to choose for his future career.

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