Career Options after completing B.Sc – Biochemistry

Career option after B.Sc - Biochemistry

BSc graduates in Biochemistry have received a preparation for a range of graduate programs in the field of physical sciences. Hence, such a degree can result in several different careers in consulting, research, teaching and applied science. This field has part of chances for the individuals who need to seek after a career as an analyst. The need of biochemist is additionally there in pharmaceutical industries, food industries and agrochemical organizations to construct new items, quality control and additionally safety of the current items. Experts are likewise being found by educational institutes in the field of biochemistry.

Biochemists can get huge work opportunities in both public and private sectors. B.Sc students study about the organism’s characteristics and biological processes. They get various specializations and almost every specialization requires good research methods and the ability to mix and analyze information. They generally work with experts from several fields to accomplish their aims. These experts range from engineers to other scientists, to the sales team and marketing, to legal professionals, and everyone in between!

Career Options
The graduates with B.Sc in Biochemistry can get few specializations in Plant biology, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Molecular biology, Energy and metabolism, Cell biology and signaling, and Development and disease. After getting relevant specialization, they can work as the following:

• Laboratory Technician
• Research Associates
• Biomedical Scientist
• Research Scientist
• Clinical Scientist
• Pharmacologist
• Biotechnologist
• Microbiologist
• Chemist

Few public and private sectors where Biochemists can easily find employment: –

Private Sector: –
• Research Companies and Laboratories
• Chemical manufacturing companies
• Medical Instrument companies
• Sales and Marketing Firms
• Food and Drink industries
• Health and Beauty Care
• Biotechnology

Public Sectors: –
• Drug Manufacturing Companies
• Environmental Pollution Control
• Public Health Laboratories
• Cancer research institutes
• Agriculture and fisheries
• Research Departments
• Industrial Laboratories
• Educational Institutes
• Public Health Entities
• Cosmetic Industries
• Forensic Science
• Blood Service
• Hospitals

Higher Studies Options

After completing B.Sc in Biochemistry, the student can take admission for master’s degree program of 2 years duration from any renowned Institute/university. Higher studies in Biochemistry would help in performing their role as Technical Sales Representative, Assistant Scientist, Biochemist, Research Assistant, Research Scientist, Business Process Analyst, and Pharmacist.

Few courses offered for higher studies under Biochemistry are:
• M.Sc in Biochemistry
• M.Phil in Biochemistry
• Ph.D in Biochemistry

Some colleges for higher studies in Biochemistry are BLDE University Shri B M Patil Medical College, Institute of Medical Sciences and Sum Hospital, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Dr. BR Ambedkar Medical College, A J Institute of Medical Sciences, Father Muller Medical College, K S Hegde Medical College, GCS Medical College, J J M Medical College and JSS Medical College.


In India, day by day, the interest for a career in biochemistry is expanding with the expansion in exploration field. There are sure fields were a biochemist can work and get utilized, for example, agriculture, medical, forensic environment, public health care and so on.

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