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career option fitness trainer

Fitness Training is one of the fastest growing lucrative careers that keeps one healthy and wealthy. Today, people are keen to lose weight and get in proper shape. Hence, fitness training is evolving in health and fitness industry. Fitness can also be termed as a sustainable business. Fitness industry career includes that of Fitness Instructor, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, and so on.

Salary for Fitness Trainer
Pay scale in this field mostly depends on the reputation, location, the clientele, and the number of students of the health centre or fitness club. As a starter, one can earn a monthly salary between Rs 7000- Rs10, 000. Established and experienced trainers may charge up to Rs.1, 000-1,500 per hour depending on their role. These days, personal trainers are in high demand who earn a lot more than the Exercise Specialists and Group Fitness Instructors. Being a celebrity trainer, they can earn much more, as it is the most highly paid category in this field.

Market segments to target
Fitness trainers can work as aerobics instructors, corporate wellness directors, health club managers, weight loss counselors, fitness directors, personal trainers, etc. Fitness trainers are usually employed by a fitness centre, spas, tourist resorts, hotels, health clubs, gyms, housing societies and large organizations. One can start a fitness training career after finishing the course. As a starter, they can help a senior fitness instructor and after gaining some valuable experience, they can begin taking their personal classes. They can also become a personal instructor.

Eligibility and Required Skills
One can basically begin by learning several nuances of fitness from a local gym. However, as the demand for a qualified instructor is high, the person with a professional degree for this job is mostly preferred. There are several options for pursuing professional courses. To become a fitness instructor, one can opt for a diploma or certificate course in yoga/fitness/sports science/ naturopathy. They can go for a professional fitness course like the Reebok Instructor Certification program or Nike Aerobics Course or any of the various well-known locally offered courses.

The basic course includes 80 hours out of which 40 hours are given to the theory part and the rest 40 hours is given to practical training. An examination is conducted after the completion of the course. By a well-known instructor, one can also take a Diploma or Bachelor courses in Yoga & Naturopathy. There are many well-known institutes offering courses in Sports & Athletics Coaching.

Career Scope- Growth Opportunities
In addition to conducting actual fitness training, they can also earn by providing several guest sessions for corporate houses. They can even write fitness related articles in health journals/magazines. In the recent past, people have become more conscious about their health and appearance which has resulted in the mushrooming of health clubs and gyms. As such the qualified fitness instructor’s demand is going up sharply. With the popularity and demand of fitness trainer, several institutions are offering specialized training programs in India. Some of the well-known institutions under Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports, HVPM, Sports Authority of India, Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education and Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences. In almost all metros, there is Reebok training centre.

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