Career Options after B.Sc. in Computer Science

career options after bsc computer science

There are ample job opportunities for students who have completed their B.Sc. in Computer Science. This is mainly because of the rapid and immense growth of the IT sector in India. The job prospects in IT are so vast that talented aspirants can get to choose their jobs according to their preference.

Here, we will discuss different career options that are available for the ones who have graduated in Computer Science with a B.Sc. degree.

Job prospects in the private sector: One can find several established national and multinational companies with posts for B. Sc. Graduates in Computer Science. The best of the IT firms of India such as TCS, Satyam and Wipro offer attractive packages for the deserving candidates. One can also get to work with power plants, organizations involved in management consultancy and those that work with computer systems. If you are inclined to make a career in the academic field, then teaching jobs also provide excellent opportunities. Some of the job positions available for B.Sc. students of computer science are as follows.

  • Software Engineer or Programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Computer engineer, Logic designer, Hardware designer
  • Systems engineer
  • Support engineer or Technical support
  • System Administrator
  • Consultant
  • Technical writer
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Professor
  • Researcher
  • Administration
  • Management

Job prospects in the government sector: There are several positions available for Computer Science graduates in the government sector. You can get employed as a Technical Officer, Scientific Officer, Scientific Assistants and Network operators. One can also find lucrative openings in the field of teaching; one needs to clear the NET (National Entrance Test) exam to become eligible to get jobs in universities and colleges. However, one should always remember that getting government jobs is not a cake walk. There will be an entrance test followed by personal interviews for any of the government posts. Hence, hard work, patience, self-motivation and perseverance are key qualities for those aspiring to work in the government sector.

Career prospects available abroad: If you wish to work abroad, there are several well-known software companies offering you jobs. Apart from that, the firms in Europe and the Middle East also offer excellent opportunities for B.Sc. graduates in Computer Science. There are openings in the manufacturing industries as well. You can find employment opportunities in the following sectors.

  • Cellular telephones
  • Cabling
  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Software development
  • Satellite television
  • Designing Microprocessor Systems

Future roadmap: Apart from these different employment opportunities, one must always remember that the prospects are always better for those who have skills and experience. So, after completing your B.Sc. in Computer Science, it is always a better idea to go for higher education. You can do your M.Sc. in Computer Science or an M.B.A.; these degrees will not only give you an in-depth understanding of your field, but will also help you specialize in your area of interest.

However, talking about higher studies does not mean there is a dearth of employment opportunities for B.Sc. students in Computer Science. After finishing your B.Sc., you can always begin working as trainees and later climb the ladder to become project managers and senior programmers. With enough experience in the years to come, you will be able to command your salaries as well.

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